T R A D I T I O N: 1967 - 2015

Barnabo Defensive Award Winners

Parker High School opened in 1966-67. Don Barnabo was the first head football coach at Parker and coached from 1967 to 1981. Coach Barnabo is a member of the Wisconsin High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame. This award goes to the player with the top defensive point total.

Most Valuable Players

History of the Craig - Parker Football Series: 1967 - 2014

James A. Michener made reference to football in his book USA-The People and the Land. In describing autumn Michener wrote "And it is the time when young men don armor, divide up into teams of eleven, and do battle against each other on a grid marked field." He described football as a metaphor for the American spirit. "A microcosm of American endeavor: competition, favorites, underdogs, pushing toward a goal. Fierce community pride is involved..."

Clayton Kreger [above & below] is the varsity head coach. Kreger is a former Parker student [Class of 2002] and played on two Viking Big -8 Champion Football teams. Kreger teaches mathematics at Parker.

Coach Dick Schuh [right] is the defensive coordinator and coaches the defensive backs at Parker.

Coach Nolen Leach [above] is a varsity assistant who coaches the defensive line.

Coach Mike Fuhrmann [above and below left] is the offensive line coach. The craft of being an offensive lineman at Parker has built pride in helping produce 1,000 yard runners.

Right: All-time Janesville career rushing leader Adam Vesterfelt [2009-2011, 5,353 yards] against Madison West [2011].

Former Parker football players have given back to Viking football by volunteering their time to the program. Maynard Miller [left, ninth grade coach] and Joe Flister [right, sophomore coach and offensive line] are shown above.

Eric Skrzypchak [left] was the varsity head coach from 2012-14.

Head Football Coaches - Parker High School:

  • Don Barnaboo 1967-1981
  • Ron Cramer 1982- 1989
  • Tom Scalissi 1990-1992
  • Joe Dye 1993-2011
  • Eric Skrzypchak 2012-2014
  • Clayton Kreger 2015-

Joe Dye [above left] retired as the head coach at Parker in May of 2012. He continually stressed the Parker philosophy of "Work Together ~ Stay Together." Parker has been in the playoffs 15 of the last 16 years and won or shared the Big - 8 Championship in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. Coach Dye was inducted into the Wisconsin Football coaches Hall of Fame March 24, 2007. Coach Dye has been the offensive coordinator for the Vikings [2015 and 2016] .

Former Badger football player and long time varsity assistant Mike Smrekar [above right] also retired from the varsity football staff in May of 2012.


Photograph above by Tynne Hall

The Don Barnabo Defensive Award: 1967 - 2015