Varsity Reserve Game

At Janesville Craig

Parker Varsity Reserves 14, Craig Varsity Reserves 12, at Craig on Saturday morning, August 20, 2016


After a scoreless first quarter the Parker Varsity Reserve team scored on a 55 yard run by Seamus Murphy. The 2 point conversion was good as Angel Marquez caught a pass from QB Max Kisting. Craig responded with a drive and a short run but missed their 2 point conversion attempt leaving the score parker 8, Craig 6 at the half. In the third quarter Murphy scored again on a 6 yard run. Parker missed the 2 point conversion attempt leaving the score 14-6 after three quarters of play.

Craig scored in the fourtrh quarter but the Viking defense prevented a twqo point conversion to preserve thbe victory.

Varsity Reserve Co-Captains L-R: David Dubanowich, Kyran Hinds, Christian Fischer, and Max Kisting.

Above L-R: Sam Nemetz kicks off, Izaiah Jones [35], and Chase Hamilton [22].

Above L-R: QB Max Kisting, Mitchell Combs [52], Anthony Aegerter [33], and offensive lineman James Wagner [64].

Above L-R: Brandon Southers [72], Colin Michaels 3], and Mak Kisting scrambling for a first down.

Anthony Aegerter [33] blocks for RB Seamus Murphy [21].

Anthony Aegerter after a pass reception.

Above L-R: Chase Hamilton, Colin Parker, Tristan Smith, and Collyn Wacholtz.

Right: DB Cortell Johnson deflects a pass intended for Craig reciever Quinn Kiefer.

Above L-R: Brody Lippens and Daniel Peters.

Right: Colin Michaels [3] closes on Craig QB Skylar Mashek.

Above L-R: Anthony Aegerter [33], Seamus Murphy [21], and Brandon Southers [72].

Right: Seamus Murphy on a gain in the second half.

Above L-R: Angel Marquez on a pass reception good for a two point conversion after the Vikings first TD, Mitchell Combs [52], and Izaiah Jones.

Right: Josiah Benjestorf pursues to the ball.

Above L-R: Daniel Peters [57], Zach Zahler [5], and Daniel Peters [57].

Parker DB Cortell Johnson [6] defends a long pass at the end of the first half.

Parker 'D' lineman Daniel Peters [57], David Dubanowich, and Izaiah Jone s[35].

Izaiah Jones rushes the Craig QB.

Sam Nemetz makes a catch on a long pass play at the end of the 1st half.

Above L-R: Mitchell Combs on defense, Brandon Southers [72], and Brandon Southers.

Seamus Murphy on a second half gain in the third quarter.

James Wagner.

'O' line players Angel Marquez [12], James Wagner [64], and David Dubanowich.

Second half kickoff.

Brody Lippens defends a pass play.

Daniel Peters rushes the Craig QB.

Parker DB Brody Lippens [10] deflects a pass intended for Craig receiver Sam Kelly [14] in the second half.

David Dubanowich prevents a Craig TD

Adam Teubert [42] leads a play for Seamus Murphy

Above: Adam Varga on a tackle.

Left: Linebacker Eric Einerson pursues to the ball.

Above and right: Linebacker Kryan Hinds [48].