Viking's Beat Cougars

In The Battle Of The Rock

Parker 34, Craig 14, at Monterey Stadium on Friday, September 16, 2016


A large crowd saw a very competitive football game that had many side activities. Channel 57 televised the game and had many interviews and contests with Craig and Parker students and faculty. In addition Channel 57 gave a 'Janesville Bowl' trophy to the winning Vikings. The game also had a very special halftime presentation where the press box was named in honor of long time WCLO and Gazette sports figures who have promoted high school sports for many years. Dave Wedeward former Gazette Sports Editor and Al Fagerli long time WCLO radio announcer now have their names associated with the Monterey Press Box. [Gazette writer Catherine W. Idzerda's article on the press box.].

The Vikings wasted no time in scoring. A good kick return by DJ Vance led to a drive with 22 yard run by Vance. The x-tra point kick by Sam Nemetz made the score 7-0 with 10:05 still left in the first quarter. With 1:28 left in the first quarter DJ Vance scored again on a 30 yard run. Nemetz's kick was blocked as Parker led 13-0 after one quarter. On a 2nd and 9 at the 4:16 mark of the second quarter Vance scored another TD on a 16 yard run. The x-tra point kick was missed but Parker led 20-0 at the half.

To start the second half Craig used over 6 minutes, on a long scoring drive and scored on a 2 yard run to make the score 20-7. Then with only 1:38 left in the third quarter the Cougars struck for another TD on a long pass play from QB Nick Cramer to Craig receiver Noah Berghammer that covered 43 yards. That made the score 20-14 after three quarters.

Vance scored on a 3 yard run early in the fourth quarter and QB Jordan Bailey's run the for conversion upped Parker's lead to 28-14. Bailey scored on a QB sneak in the fourth quarter with 8:05 left in the game to make the final margin of victory for Parker 34-20.

Left: The Janesville Bowl Trophy. Above Channel 57 interviews Parker Head Coach Clayton Kreger.

Right: Parker game co-captains L-R: Ed Jacobson, Zach Christianson, Mylik Williams, and Anthony Vargas.

Above L-R: DJ Vance opened the game with a long kick off return, Sam Nemetz [2] making a 'PAT', Korbyn Squires [34] on a kickoff tackle, and center Logan Murdy [53] blocking.

Parker gained 422 yards on the ground, 230 yards by DJ Vance. The 'O' Line is shown blocking for Ed Jacobson. Pictured are Zach Christenson [73], Juan Harris [76], Alonzo Velazquez [78], Frank Deaton [31], and Mike Kettle [81]. DJ Vance is partially hidden [blocking #46]. Jacobson gained 154 yards in the game.

Above L-R: David Dubanowich [55], Ed Jacobson [39] on a tackle, and Jacobson blocking for DJ Vance.

Left: Eric Schumacher [25], Brandon Leeder [20], and Frank Deaton pressure Craig QB Nick Cramer.

Above left: Sam Garvoille breaks up a Cougar pass play.

Above right: Alonzo Velazquez blocking for DJ Vance.

Right: Alonzo Velazquez [78] leads DJ Vance on a run play.

Seamus Murphy runs behind the blocking of Logan Murdy [53], Juan Harris [76], Mylik Williams [71], and Alonzo Velazquez [78]. The QB is Jordan Bailey [11].

Below L-R: Sam Garvoille [9] and Brandon Leeder [20] pursue and Sam Garvoille on a first quarter tackle.

Above L-R: Harrison Creed [80] blocking, Chase Hamilton [22] on kickoff coverage, and Juan Harris getting double teamed on defense.

Right: Sam Garvoille [9] and Eric Schumacher [25] on a defensive stop.

DJ Vance [23] taking advantage of excellent blocking [ Harrison Creed #80, Ed Jacobson and Alonzo Velazquez #78] to score on a 30 yard TD run.

Above left: Chase Hamilton [22] recovered an onside kick in the second quarter.

Above right: Kyle Fuller [19] on a stop. Right: DJ Vance looks to make a cut off the block of fullback Ed Jacobson.

Above L-R:. Defensive players Bradon Leeder [20] and Collyn Wacholtz [68], Eric Schumacher on a QB hurry, and Jadyn Ellis [6] makes a stop as Anthony Vargas pursues.

Above: Eric Schumacher [25] and Sandy Toyer [30] try to contain Craig RB Kyle Clement.

Right: Sam Garvoille breaks up a 2nd quarter pass play.

Above left: after Craig's 2nd TD DJ Vance had a long kickoff return to ignite a Viking TD drive.

Above right: The Viking 'O' line and the Cougar 'D' line.

Right: DeVonne Thornton [1] making yards after contact.

Juan Harris forcing a fumble that set Parker up for a score.

QB Jordan Bailey scoring on a 2 point conversion.

Above left: Frank Deaton [31] on a QB sack.

Above right: Receiver Christian Fischer [24].

Left: Sam Garvoille reacts after a Craig turnover.

Above: DJ Vance cuts upfield after a block by Ed Jacobson.

Right: Jadynn Ellis [30] is shown making a third quarter interception .

Some of the large crowd at the Parker - Craig Game.

Dave Wedeward [green shirt] and Al Fagerli [to the right of Wedeward] and WCLO and Gazette staff at the Press Boc Dedication Ceremony.

A large turnout of students and adults were treated by hearing the outstanding Parker Band. Parker band leader John Biester instructed his group to "Play it well" prior to the National Anthem.

Parker Poms.

Parker Cheerleaders. The football team greatly appreciate the outstanding support of the musicians and spirit groups at Parker.

The large group of Parker students respectfully waited until the Craig and Parker football teams were through with their post game activites. But once the teams went to their sidelines there was an enthusiastic rush to the field as students and players celebrated Parkers first win in the series since 2011.

Co-Captain Anthony Vargas addresses the team after the game.

Above left: Coach Kreger accepted the 'Janesville Bowl' trophy from Channel 57. Above right: DJ Vance was named the MVP of the game by Channel 57 sports team that covered the game.

L-R: Mike Kettle, Zach Christianson, and brothers Ed Jacobson, and Mylik Williams hoist the Monterey Rock Trophy.

The Monterey Rock Trophy resides in the winning teams trophy case for one year. Larger image.