Vikings Host Purple Knights

At Monterey Stadium

On Salute to Janesville Youth Football Night

Parker Vikings 40, Beloit Memorial Purple Knights 14, on Friday, September 30, 2016 at Monterey Stadium.


In a Janesville Vs. Beloit rivalry that began in 1895 and may be the oldest prep football series in the state the Parker Vikings beat the Beloit Memorial Purple Knights 40-14. Both teams formed a 'U' for Unity during the playing of the National Anthem by the Parker Band under the direction of John Biester. Channel 15 feature on the Unity formation.

Parker Co-Captains are shown at the coin toss L-R: Anthony Vargas, Zach Christianson, and brothers Mylik Williams and Ed Jacobson.

Parker used an impressive goal line stand to stop an early Beloit drive and then scored on a 76 yard TD run by fullback Ed Jacobson at the 10:56 mark of the first quarter. The Vikings followed that with a 9 yard TD run by DJ Vance and a 63 yard run by Vance to take a 19-0 first quarter lead.

A 29 yard pass play from QB Jordan Bailey to Sandy Toyer upped the lead to 26-0 with 8:09 left in the 2nd quarter. After another goal line stand DJ Vance exploded for a 94 yard TD run to make the halftime score 33-0.

Ed Jacobson scored another TD on a 61 yard run in the early in the third quarter to give Parker a 40-0 lead after three quarters of play. Beloit scored twice in the fourth quarter to make the final score 40-14.

DJ Vance making a TD saving tackle on the opening kickoff

Brandon Leeder [20] and the Viking defense pursue to the ball

Above L-R: Kyle Fuller [19], Ed Jacobson and Juan Harris [76] after a fumble on a FG attempt, Sam Nemetz [2] and Jordan Bailey [11] on a PAT, and DyVonne Thornton on a first quarter gain.

On a first and 10 at the 24 yard line Ed Jacobson ran for a 76 yard TD early in the first quarter. Jacobson had 147 yards rushing in the game.

DJ Vance looks for a seam on a first quarter 9 yard TD run using key blocks by Juan Harris [76] and Ed Jacobson. Vance extends the ball to finish the score.

The offensive line had a big night as Parker running backs ran for 437 yards. Blockers shown are Mike Kettle [81], Zach Christianson [73], Alonzo Velazquez [blocking #72], center Logan Murdy [53] and tackle Juan Harris [top right], and RB's Seamus Murphy [21] and Ed Jacobson [39]

Angel Marquez kicking off

Sandy Toyer and Preston Govan [42]

Alonzo Velazquez [L] and Ed Jacobson [R] blocking for DJ Vance

Chase Hamilton [22]

Sandy Toyer [30] on pass 'D'

29 yard TD pass to Sandy Toyer from Jordan Bailey

Above L-R: Anthony Vargas assists on a tackle by Chase Hamilton [22], Anthony Vargas [48], Eric Schumacher [25], and Sandy Toyer [30] after a pass reception.

Above L-R: Adam Teubert [62] blocks for DJ Vance, Brandon Leeder [20], and Frank Deaton [31] and Brandon Leeder pressure Beloit QB Steven Maakinen.

DJ Vance breaks loose for a 74 yard TD run which was called back on a holding penalty.

Blockers Logan Murdy [53], Mylik Williams [71], Zach Christianson [73], and TE Mike Kettle [81]

On a 2nd and 1 from the 1 yard line the Parker defense held: Alonzo Velazquez [78], Juan Harris [76], LB'er Eric Schumacher [25], Collyn Wacholtz [68], LB'er Ed Jacobson, and Frank Deaton [31].

4th and 1 from the 1: Frank Deaton [31] deflects a pass to prevent a score.

Mylik Williams [71] blocks on a 2nd and 6 from the 6 yardline as DJ Vance scores on a 94 yard run

Jadyn Ellis on pass 'D'

Anthony Vargas on a 2nd quarter punt

Viking Salute To Janesville Youth Football'

Collyn Wacholtz [68]

Harrison Creed [80] and Trent Barlass [54]

A few of the members of the Parker Band

Above L-R: Frank Murdy [53] and QB Jordan Bailey, Brandon Leeder on a third quarter tackle, and Anthony Vargas [48] on a third quarter stop.

Right:: Sam Garvoille on a third quarter interception.

On a 2nd and 1 from Parker's 39 yard line fullback Ed Jacobson broke loose for a 61 yard TD run at the 11:06 mark of the third quarter.

Above L-R: Zach Christianson [73] blocks for Seamus Murphy, Garrett Masterson [16] scrambles for a fumble on a punt to Beloit, and Brody Lippens [10 pursues Beloit RB Tyrese Pegeese-Jones.

Above L-R: Kyran Hinds [46], Zach Zahler [5], and Dakota Schmaling on defense, Kyran Hinds [46], and QB Max Kisting [4] handing off to Anthony Aegerter [33].

Above L-R: Angel Marquez [12], Dawson Shultz [41], Kyran Hinds [46], and Mitchel Combs [52], Garrett Masterson [16] on a 4th quarter run, and David Dubanowich [55].

Adam Teubert [62] helps RB Garrett Masterson [16] make positive yardage.

Above: L-R: Colin Michaels [3], Kyran Hinds [46], and Daniel Peters [57] on defense, and Austin Huse brings down Beloit receiver Matthew Wedig.