Packer Legend Bart Starr Returns To Janesville's Monterey Stadium

Packer Hall Of Fame Quarterback Bart Starr Threw His First Professional TD Pass At Monterey

Stadium Plaque Dedication At 7:00 PM at Monterey Stadium on Friday, October 15, 2010

ESPN article detailing Starr's health challenges and his return to Lambeau Field Thanksgiving Night, November 26, 2015

Bart Starr was the Green Bay Packer quarterback in Super Bowls I and II. In both games the Packers won and Starr was voted the Most Valuable Player. Starr was a 17th round draft choice for the Packers in 1956. Starr played at the University of Alabama.

On August 4, 1956 the Packers under coach Lisle Blackbourn played a pre-season scrimmage at Janesville's Monterey Stadium. Bart Starr threw a fourth quarter pass on the last play of the scimmage to halfback Ronnie Alton that resulted in a 47 yard touchdown. The score enabled Starr's 'Green' team to defeat the 'Gold' team 10-6.

In Ken Velosky's GazetteXtra article recounting the game Velosky quoted the Gazette story that wrote that “Starr was undoubtedly the best of the newcomers in action here. He was cool and completed 12 of 22 passes for 181 yards.”. The game was played as a fund raiser for the as yet unbuilt St John Vianney's school.

In 1956 Father Gilbert Carlton of St John Vianney only had an empty field along Racine Street. Father Carlton in order to build enthusiasm and interest in the school organized a seventh/eighth grade football team. He was the coach and his team practiced on the field which is now the St John Vianney school and church.
Father Carlton went to Catholic High Schools in the Milwaukee area in order to get second hand equipment to outfit the St. John Vianney team.

Left: Original program cover from the scrimmage.

Above: The early years of Bart Starr in the NFL. Below left: Starr in Super Bowl I

Above: Bart Starr and his wife Cherry are pictured above where they donated Campionship rings from the 1961, 1965, and 1966 seasons to the Packer Hall of Fame. Cherry Starr's necklace which includes charms from Green Bay Championships in 1961, 62, 65, 66, and 67 seasons was also donated to the Packer Hall of Fame.
The Packers drafted 20 players in 1956. Bart Starr from Alabama was the 17th pick of the Packers that year. Because of injuries Starr was benched as quarterback at Alabama at the beginning of the 1955 season. Nevertheless the Packers took a chance on Starr when they drafted him 17th out of the 20 players taken by Green Bay in the 1956 College Draft.

Other players drafted were from the University of Miami [#1 pick Jack Losch], Southern Methodist [#2, Forrest Gregg], Oklahoma, Indiana [#5, Bob Skoronski], Baylor, Maryland, Southern California, Arizona, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Cornell, Texas Tech, and Baylor. Many of the draftees excelled in more than one sport in college with track leading the way. Starr, Gregg, and Skoronski were '56 draftees who played in the 1967 Super Bowl.

Left: Bart Starr [#10], Ralph Corrigan, and Bobby Marlow at the 1953 Sugar Bowl in which Alabama defeated Syracuse 63-6.

Packer legend Bart Starr is pictured above speaking to a large crowd of Parker and Packer fans at Monterey Stadium prior to Parker's Homecoming Game with Madison La Follette. Starr and his wife Cherry also spoke to Parker varsity players before the game. Below: Some of Parker's sophomore football players listen to Starr's remarks.

Bart Starr and his wife Cherry approach the center of the track in front of the stadium. Starr's plaque and another plaque celebrating Vince Lombardi's last speech as a Packer are shown above right. Lombardi gave a speech in 1969 at the old Janesville Marshall Junior High School prior to leaving the Packers to be coach of the Washington Redskins.

Above and below: Some of the large crowd who came to honor the presence of Bart Starr and his wife Cherry.

Three former Parker players gave a perfect replay of Bart Starr's first professional TD pass. Mike Huth [not shown - aka Ronnie Alton], Billy Phalin [sweatshirt, Parker freshman], Mike Stanton [center #27 - aka Bart Starr], and Michael Phalin [ right #83 - aka Jim Ringo] lined up on the 47 yard line. Stanton took Phalin's center snap and dropped back. His long arching pass was caught by Huth on the 5 yard line as he went in for the score representing a historical milestone at Monterey Stadium.

Above and below: Monterey Stadium was built in 1931 with the help of a federal grant. In 1984, a privately funded renovation project promoted by athletic director Dale Barry upgraded the stadium with new lights, an expanded track, a press box, and an improved playing field. In 2002 a special fund drive was held that resulted in the construction of two locker rooms located under the stadium. This made an already good stadium a first-class facility.